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Day 1 -Eden Park

With all the walk’s this week remember to take care, looking out for cars, vans, buses, mobility scooters as you go.  Please also park sensibly if you are taking your car to the start point.  Most of all we hope you enjoy yourself and learn a little bit about some Bible stories along the way.

Grange Gardens.jpg

Today’s walk is the shortest and easiest walk of the week just to get you started.  It should take around 15-20 minutes for the walk (depends on how everyone keeps up and if you have prams, bikes, scooters 😊).  You can stay as long as you want to at the park at the end of the walk though!

Eden car park.jpg

The walk starts and ends at the Eden Park carpark in Grange Gardens (you can get to it either from West Road or Cairntrodlie). 

Anna Ritchie.jpg

Head towards the Anna Ritchie School (there will be time to play at the park after your walk 😊)  I hope you are enjoying having time off school but you’ll still be able to learn things as you go on these walks.  After all, some people say that Jesus was the greatest teacher ever!

Keep going towards West Road take care as you pass the bit with no pavement. Once you get to the junction turn left, taking either the pavement in front of the houses or the path beside the main road.

West Road.jpg

Before you head up West Road take a look across to Glendale Gardens. 

It’s full of houses now but can you guess what used to be there instead? 


It used to be a flower shop and garden centre.  That reminds me about one of the first stories in the Bible when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden.

You’re now heading up West Road passing some nice houses along the way.  As you get further up the road take a look across to your right and you’ll see a bus shelter. 

Bus shelter.jpg

There’s nothing really special about it but take a moment to think about what a shelter is – it is somewhere to keep you safe (in Peterhead it is mostly to keep you dry and out of the wind!).  


In the Bible, Psalm 61 explains that God is a shelter for everyone who believes in Him.  He keeps people safe.

Shelter for me.jpg

Just past the bus shelter is a very special place for me – the house where I grew up 😊  It is even more special because it is also the place where I decided to believe in the Lord Jesus and asked Him into my heart as my Saviour.  You see, you don’t need to be in a church to believe and be saved.  You can make that choice anywhere – even when you are out on this walk today!


Turn left now along Eden Drive.  There’s another reminder about the Garden of Eden. 

Eden Drive.jpg

As you walk along this road you’ll see on your left a big building called Strawberry Bank.  This used to be a field.  Can you guess what used to be grown there?

Strawberry Bank.jpg

Yes, there’s a clue in its name!  It used to be a strawberry field but now it’s a place where older people can live safely.  Have a look at the sign as you past and notice that it says it is only for residents. 

Strawberry Bank sign.jpg

That sign means that only people who have permission can go in and that kind of reminds me about Heaven.  In the Bible, in John chapter 14 v 6 Jesus said “No one comes to the Father except through me”.  It is only by believing in Jesus that we can get into Heaven.

If you’re getting tired already you can take a short cut now and head to the play park by going through Eden Park.  Or, if you still have lots of energy, you can keep going along Eden Drive.  Remember that Adam and Eve had a choice to make in the Garden of Eden and they made a bad choice to break God’s rule.  There’s no right or wrong decision on which way you go on this walk but in life it is important to make a good choice and do what God asks you to do.

Eden Park shortcut.jpg

Will you take the shortcut or keep going?

Keep going.jpg

If you’ve chosen the shortcut have fun at the park. If you’ve gone on, keep reading!

Keeping going all the way along Eden Drive, enjoying seeing some beautiful gardens as you go.  At the end of the junction turn left down Cairntrodlie.


You’re now on the final part of this walk and you can maybe even see the play park already 😊 

Cairntrodlie 4.jpg

As you go down the pavement there may be some autumn leaves to stomp on or you can try something I used to do when I was young.  I always wanted to be as tall as my dad so while we were walking I would walk on top of the small wall to try to pretend I was taller!

 If you are already saved you might know that it is good to try to grow as a Christian by reading your Bible as often as you can and by praying to God.

Grow in grace.jpg

As you finish the walk you might want to run across the park or have a game of football.  There are some seats for the grown ups to sit on while you have lots of well earned fun!

Football pitch.jpg

Well done for finishing this walk.  While you’re playing you can think about the Bible stories and remember about the bad choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden.  Maybe in Eden Park today you’ll make the much better choice to believe in Jesus and ask Him into your heart as your saviour.   Playing in the park will be fun but being in Heaven for eternity will be even better!


Well done for completing today's walk.  Look out for Walk 2 tomorrow.  If you have any questions about the walks or the message of the Bible you can get in touch with us here

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