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After School Klubs about the Bible are a great way to find out what the Bible is all about while having loads of fun with friends.  The klubs are held in various locations from the start of September through to the end of May.  Each week there will be singing, games, a Bible story and quiz or craft.  It's all free of charge for primary school age children and there's a great team of helpers to make sure everyone has an awesome time.  If you've received an email from your child's school you can book a place now by clicking this link

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Friday Nights at York Street Hall are a great way to start the weekend with singing, Bible stories, quizzes, games and crafts.  Any primary school age pupils can come along and you can book a place for your child by clicking this link

As well as After School Klubs we also love organising holiday clubs.  Here's a throwback look at the 2019 summer club to give you an idea of some of the exciting activities which everyone can enjoy at the clubs.
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Our Amazing Summer Klub for 2020 had to be really different to normal.  We missed seeing everyone but we were excited to try something new so that everyone could still have some summer fun.  If you missed the videos and guide books (or if you want to watch them again) you can catch up now through the links below:



If you have any questions or need any further information about

ASK about the Bible just click below to get in touch.

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